I said that I will try not to write too much about sadness. But how can I deprive myself from etching those words onto my creased paper if the only feeling my skin senses is nothing but melancholy? It pulls me down like gravity - even worse than gravity, that I cannot breathe oxygen like I am being trapped inside a chained coffin, buried deeper than the crust of the earth. I’m suffocated, and that the only thing that lingers in my nose is sadness. It is consuming me, atom by atom, until I feel nothing - nothing but being turned into ashes like stardusts lost in space. Lifeless.

If you could only prevent change from playing in the scene, such thing like forever may exist.

No hesitations. Just date me.

Forever, my dear,
is just part of unending
tale of fantasies.

Someone is knocking right through the doors of your heart, yet they are still closed. There are no available rooms for new love. Every door is locked with sorrowful and painful past. Inside, there is this man you still cling on. The chains that prevent him from leaving are very tough. You do not notice that the walls of your heart are gradually getting destructed, and pieces of them turn into melancholic debris as this man tries to pull the chains attached on these walls. You barely notice that your heart is slowly turning into brokenness as the man from the outside tries to fix it by painting smiles on you and giving brand new colors on your life.

Indeed, you are still clinging on to your past to the point that you cannot let go of him. You are trying to avoid any form of new affection from other people, especially those who seek for your love.

Darling, the past may not be changed anymore, but the present is looking forward for you to renew yourself and start a life worth fulfilling and free from distress.

I miss how my mighty pen gets wrapped with my soft fingers as I etch words on those sheets. I miss how my pen bleeds for words. I miss how my mind extracts its creative juices in writing. I love to feel that happiness that I achieve whenever I compose another piece of mine that reminds me of my life — the struggles and comforts that I face as I traverse a journey that is so unfathomable.

Vividly do I feel the urge to write again. Putting your deranged thoughts into words and softly reminiscing what you have become now make me feel relieved. I want to feel the serenity I achieve whenever I write.

I may have been gone for a long time for I laid down my pen in its deep slumber, but now, I will wake it up and let its ink flows again and be transformed into words.

Don’t let your fears
haunt and devour you,
for they will turn you
into a monster that
you cannot control.

If smiles could only drive the sadness away, I would wear them till forever.

Do you know how it feels when that someone you treat as your best buddy or best friend betrays you in a way that he is now completely different from the person you used to know before?

It hurts. For a long time of being best buddies, one act of horrendous revelation can ruin a long time of friendship. A wicked betrayal was executed. It is when hard decisions in life comes at some point, and with that, you need to sacrifice friendship just for that love that you claim to be real and pristine. Sadly, it is not. I can see that you are just carried by your weak emotions. You fell in a deep ravine that you cannot escape from.

You never tried to fix the crumples in us. You crossed the line. You lied to me.

Good evening, lovelies. I hope you had/are having a wonderful day today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you attain happiness?

Seek for your soul and rejuvenate it. Let the sadness that fills your hungry heart shatter and be replaced with chunks of happiness. Laughter could be the best medicine, so try to paint smiles on your faces. You may never know how valuable it is for one to have that jovial type of feeling.

Some people will inevitably share happiness with you. Treasure them, for they may only last within a short period of time. Try to mingle with them in the best ways that you can, assuring that you are packed with loads of contagious smiles and cheers that will melt and soothe their heavy hearts.

Explore the beauty of life. You may not have yet seen how wonderful it is to live with the life that is given to you. The troubles and challenges that come along your way lead you to be responsible of yourself as you try to look for a good solution in assuring that problems are answered by having this sense of bliss. More often than not, happiness solves most problems as it gives you a good start in kicking out your problems.

Be true to yourself. No pretensions. Just the real you. With that, happiness is just in your reach.

I can nearly feel myself getting frozen. From my tips of my toes up to my roundness of my head, I feel the coldness that shrouds my being. I am almost an icy snowman waiting for someone to rebuild my broken soul, or to play with me at least. Never did I feel the warmth within my heart, for I learned that its existence seems futile to a being like me. Maybe, something can melt the fractals of pain inside of me. The snowflakes that eventually fall into the ground remind me of my dreams that turned into failures. The ice balls that children create on the snowy fields symbolize the big leap that made my life to be a miserable one.

I long for the sunny weather. I long to feel the warmth I am looking forward for. I want to feel the fiery feeling that ignites my desire to live a joyous and fulfilling life. Soon shall I attain the wonders that will make me feel satisfied.

She whispered “forever” that sounded like “never” in my ears.

I used to be someone’s piggy bank. She keeps on dropping coins of love deep within me by her sweet words and actions. Little by little, I feel that I am getting full love because of her.

Sad thing is, she broke up with me when I have already felt that her love grows in my soul. Wondering what could be her primary reason for doing that, I feel so empty and dull. I have my heart being shattered into pieces. I have told myself that she would be the one I will be with in front of the altar and the one who I will be with for the rest of my dear life.

Next thing I knew, she is currently in love with another guy. I wonder if he would by my former love’s next piggy bank, but I do hope that such will not happen.

Here’s a small haiku,
greeting everyone of you
a “Merry Christmas.”