Tell me what spices you put in your flavored tongue for you to utter those poignant words right in front of me. It seems as if a very sharp dagger was plunged in my chest, ripping my heart right away. You do not vividly know how much pain your words inflict upon me. Your words serve as my daily doses of nightmares that haunt me every night, leaving me restless and scared. Your words are those thousand words in a picture with dark hues depicting melancholy and despair.

My dear, I am beginning to feel weary of always chasing you. It is as if I am running after some thing that I know I will never reach nor overcome. Albeit I attain the speed of light, I will never reach you. You are something unattainable, unreachable. If this is the case, then maybe, just maybe, I am just fooling myself. It could be just a late realization of mine. Probably, I have to put all these things, especially the love I offer to you, to a halt. Bittersweet farewells are lovely, but even if I bade goodbye to you, you will always be a part of my shattered memories.

I am truly sorry. I just can’t take your words anymore. They simply slowly kill me to a beautiful death I never imagined.

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